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Link directory of some selected partners

December 1st, 2003

Note: this directory was done exclusively for our reciprocal link exchange program and in now way endorses or specifically recommends the services or products of any of the companies or individuals listed in this section or elsewhere on our web site, unless if specifically verified and approved by Rank for Sales in wich case it will be clearly identified.

For any questions on our reciprocal link exchange program or any issues about any of the companies or individuals listed on this page, please contact us at: and we will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

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Internet Security today is now vital to the smooth and secure operation of any corporate IT network. Internet will custom-design, integrate and protect all Internet infrastructures in your company, business, government agency, organization, etc., and significantly reduce the inherent possibilities of a DoS attack (Denial of Service) or any other attempt at your Internet data integrity. Internet Security's award-winning Proxy Sentinel is the industry's strongest, safest and most versatile Internet Proxy Server available on the market today. Click here to visit our website.

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In business since 1995, Sun Hosting is the largest wholesaler of professional Web hosting services in Canada. Thanks to its ultra-modern, fully automated data centers and its high volume, Sun guarantees the lowest wholesale prices on any Web hosting plan for any size business, company, organization or e-commerce enterprise. Visit the Sun web site today by clicking here.

Note: the Rank for Sales web site is actually hosted by Sun

This partner is recommended by Rank for Sales

The General Center for Internet Services Inc. ( GCIS ) is one of Canada's leading web site designer and e-commerce application developer. In business since 1996, GCIS is the originator of the famous Web Store integrated e-commerce solution. Web Storewas designed for B2C (Business to Consumer) e-commerce and is the only B2C application available in an ASP (Application Service Provider) format, where businesses can rent it monthly and retain their valuable cash resources inside their web. (The GCIS web site is also available in french at CGSI).

Note: the Rank for Sales web site was actually designed by GCIS.

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Visit Serge Thibodeau's personal blog:

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The UK Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims is an independent UK legal advice service that currently reviews claims and arranges legal representation for people throughout the United Kingdom whose children suffer from cerebral palsy. There is no cerebral palsy treatment that can undo the damage caused as a result of irreversible injury to the brain which may result in serious and difficult medical, social and educational challenges. Diagnosing cerebral palsy is a difficult process as there other health problems that can mimic the condition. We are able to recommend a claim to an experienced solicitor who is a birth injury specialist and a member of the Law Society panel of medical negligence experts. Visit their web site at:

Reciprocal link exchange partner:

The UK no Win no Fee Claims is an independent personal injury claim service offering free advice on selecting a specialist no win no fee accident solicitor who is a member of The Law Society panel of personal injury experts to maximise your compensation claim. An independent no win no fee accident claim service offering free advice on selecting a specialist solicitor who is a member of The Law Society panel of personal injury experts to maximise your compensation. Our solicitors are able to deal with a wide range of claims including car accidents, slips and falls, accidents at work, and fatal accidents compensation claims. Visit their web site at:

Reciprocal link exchange partner:

The UK Medical Negligence Solicitors Claim Service is an independent network of specialist solicitors who deal exclusively in medical negligence compensation claims. Their solicitors are all members of the Law Society panel of experts who are highly specialised in clinical negligence claims and undergo specific ongoing academic training. We Can Give You Free Advice on the choice of experienced specialist solicitors who are authorised to use the Legal Aid scheme. Legal Aid is still available for medical negligence compensation however less than 1% of UK solicitors are approved by the Legal Aid Board and it is important that you make the correct choice of solicitor at the start of your claim to ensure that you are granted legal aid. Shoulder dystocia is a complication feared by obstetricians because it is often unpredictable, requires immediate appropriate intervention and can result in injury to the newborn infant. Visit their web site at:

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