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Popular SEO Tips to Boost your Site

February 8, 2008     (Updated from our Sep. 2003 article)

This article is meant to help our readers, users and clients better understand the world of search engines, as they relate to the proper positioning of websites. For much more detailed information on this important topic, please consult our SEO articles and resources section, which is constantly updated on a regular basis.

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Popular SEO Tips:
Did you know that before search engine users visit a specific Web site, they already have made four separate and distinct choices:

Choice number one: They choose to use the Internet to find a specific product or service, to research an issue of interest to them or solve a problem, as much in their professional careers as in their personal lives.

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Choice number two: They choose one of the three major search engines on the Internet to launch their search, the most popular by far being Google.

Choice number three: They choose a particular keyword or phrase as the basis of their search, trying to narrow it down as best they can.

Choice number four: They discriminate among the first ten search results on the same, first page. Then they take their final decision as to wich web site (or company) will get their business.

These are your ultimate targeted site visitors. These web surfers are already fifty to sixty percent of the way toward reaching a final buying decision as a result of having taken the initiative to use a good search engine to investigate or research a specific product or service.

This is EXACTLY the visitor that you want to attract to your web site. These are real, serious buyers. Make a note of all this. It will help you tremendously.

Your ultimate strategy
Did you know that, after investing thousands, sometimes hundred of thousands of dollars developing a Web site, businesses often discover that the site is invisible in the major search properties? Failing to take your Web site's search engine and directory visibility into consideration when making site development decisions is an untimely and very expensive mistake.

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As a direct consequence, companies must either reinvest in a post-launch redesign of their site, or accept the extremely limited results that they will achieve with their site, if any.

By recognizing both the importance and the need of search engine optimization in the development of your Web site, you hold a significant advantage over your competition. As an example, after making the decision to implement a website positioning strategy, one Rank for Sales client now maintains a sizeable advantage over its competitors.

That client is now enjoying significantly more and higher rankings in every major search engines including key players such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. Because of their decision to implement a website optimization strategy, our client has since closed a number of new business deals through search, including a recent $1.6 million sale that they acquired directly through a targeted search referral on their site.

Users of Internet search engines are on a "mission" to solve a "problem." How quickly they are able to find an answer to their problem is directly related to customer satisfaction. How quickly they are able to find your website, if they are searching for you by name, is directly related to their opinion of your brand.

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Where and if your website places itself in a priority position on top of the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) is entirely up to your site's optimization features, or lack thereof. So a lifetime relationship with your brand is very literally at stake every time someone conducts a query via a search engine.

Divide and conquer
Did you know that, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a very controversial and hotly disputed subject and is actually a discipline finding itself in a constant state of movement. Major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN and the others are relentlessly changing their search engine ranking algorithms and related criteria on which they determine what factors they consider important for delivering the most relevant results to user search queries.

Search engine optimization and positioning is an art as well as a science. These criterias have an extremely powerful influence on your search engine rankings. What's more, partnerships change, new search properties emerge, mergers or buyouts happen and others disappear altogether. All of these changes can directly impact your search engine rankings.

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Fortunately, there are a number of helpful resources where you can learn more about increasing and maintaining your website's search engine rankings and keep up-to-date on the latest trends and changes in the search engine industry.

Did you know that there are many myths in the SEO and SEM field? That's right. Just about like any other industry, the SEO segment is filled with half-truths, myths, lies and inaccuracies. Get the true facts on this site. You should also learn of what constitutes a good code of conduct and sound moral ethics.

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Article written by Serge Thibodeau,
President & CEO,
Rank for $ales
Copyright (c) Serge Thibodeau 2003.

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