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December 10, 2004

You can find rapidly what you are looking for in this sitemap. Categories are conveniently grouped together by topic and related subject so it should be easy to navigate around the site and find what you are looking for. It is recommended you bookmark this web site by clicking here.

Homepage - Start at the beginning

The Rank for $ales Seal of Quality
Rank for $ales has instituted a seal of quality that we strictly adhere to for all of our clients, web sites. This seal of quality effectively protects all web sites optimized by us from ever being banned or penalized by any major search engine.

Accepted ethical practices
In this section we look at industry-accepted, standard SEO practices and technology that are either recommended by the major search engines or that these techniques and related technologies are what the industry and Rank for $ is using.

Unethical and unacceptable practices
Spamming or spamdexing a search engine is any practice that devalues the integrity and relevance of a search property's results. Any search engine that discovers someone using methods or technology that redicules their search systems or offends their sense of fair play or leads search engines to believe that the site owner has gained an unfair advantage over someone else is considered spam.

SEO myths and exaggerations
In this section, we will show you the five most common SEO myths in the industry. Some are almost as old as the Internet itself. Yet, Rank for strongly does not recommend any of the following five techniques.

         Meta tags
         Multiple domain names
         Doorway and gateway pages
         Resubmitting every week or every month
         Web optimization experts are too expensive

Spam and unwanted clutter in the engines
In an ideal and virtually perfect world, each search engine would produce the most relevant set of results for its audience. Unfortunately the world is not perfect, and some webmasters will attempt to trick search engines into listing their pages (instead of the most relevant pages) in response to a specific keyword search.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find the questions we get asked just about everyday. We think that some of them could answer yours.

Customers conversion rates
Even if you have the greatest visibility and the nicest web site, if your visitors don't convert, ie if they don't purchase your products or services, your site didn't deliver what it was intended to deliver and that is $ales.

Ranking for $ales
Assuming you have done everything right and all thats legal and you have quality inbound links from other web sites that have a Page Rank of five or more, but your still not happy to be listed as number six or seven in Google or AltaVista. Just what can you do if you are convinced that your content is the best, most relevant on the Web for certain selected keywords and you deserve a number one ranking, but search engines don�t seem to agree with you?

Knowledge Center - Get to know SEO

Why optimize a web site in the first place?
When anybody creates a web site, the very techniques and the structure of the site itself can have an adverse effect in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's). Many times, clients come to us with sites that, when they were developed, had only the site visitors in mind.

Google Page Rank
It's no secret anymore that Google ranks as the number one defacto-standard in the field of major search engines. In 2003, Google accounts for more than 85% of all Internet searches on a daily basis. In this section we will tell all you need to know about page rank (PR).

Reciprocal link exchange programs
Reciprocal Link Exchange Programs, or RLEP's for short, are about the best way to seriously increase your Page Rank in Google.

How search engines work
Get a better understanding of exactly how search engines work and increase your rankings. It goes hand in hand. This web site is your most valued SEO resource.

Targeted keywords and keyphrases
Keywords, keyphrases and search terms are the important words and phrases that people type into the search box of major search engines. Keywords and keyphrases are the important words on your web site that needs to match these search terms in order for your site to drive targeted traffic to your business.

The Robots.txt file
Get to know the importance of the robots.txt file. Such a small file, but so important to the rankings of any web site.

Content relevancy explained
When a human actually uses a search engine to find a specific product or service, the search engine looks at its index of the Web and displays a list of results. That list of results is in order of direct relevancy, with the most relevant results first. A properly optimized web site with relevant keywords and keyphrases will receive highly targeted traffic from serious prospective buyers.

Targeted visitors equals targeted buyers
Having traffic to a web site is one thing. But having targeted visitors, converting into targeted customers is completely a different matter. Rank for $ sometimes asks its new clients: "What would you rather have- lots of people coming and going, ie: passive visitors, OR active buyers, ie: people that will stay and end up buying your product or service? The answer is very clear. It's much better to target quality over quantity.

Help and important tips at your disposal

SEO Articles
Our SEO articles, information and resources section was created to help better understand the complex world of SEO and its often obscure corners. It should give our readers a better understanding of what we do at Rank for $ales and help understand the functioning of search engines in general.

Paying for inclusion in directories
More and more is being said today about Pay for Inclusion (PFI) and Pay per Click (PPC). There are now a good number of ways that search directories and search engines are charging companies trying to get their web sites conveniently listed on the Internet. This article will clearly explain it all.

Insurance to protect a site against a potential penalty
With the Robots.txt protocol, a webmaster or web site owner can really protect himself if it is done correctly. The inherent risks of getting a web site banned on the basis of spam increases proportionately if it appears to have duplicate listings or duplicate content. Learn how to use "insurance" against an impending penalty.

The 5 most often-asked questions on SEO writing
These five most often-asked questions are filled with important information and what we recommend the most in achieving the best overall results in efficient brand management.

The clear definition of SEO
You have read a lot about it, you have heard people talk about it and some of you have been asking to know more about it. Read here the true and clear definition of what exactly is termed by SEO and what it can do for you.

How search engines work
Everything you always wanted to know on the way search engines actually perform their searches and the inherent abilities integrated into modern search engines today.

Learn the great difference between search engines and directories
Before a person attemps in understanding the complex world of SEO, one must understand the very basic differences between search engines in the true world and search directories. Learn more in this section.

Difference between search engine positioning and optimization
A question we keep getting all the time is: "What is the actual difference between search engine optimization and search engine positioning"? In this article, we will explain all the important differences between both processes and how it can impact the visibility of any given web site.

How search engine crawlers and spiders function
Search engine "crawlers", "spiders" or "robots" as they are called, are always looking for new or fresh content on the Internet. They are actually the seekers of web sites & web pages. How exactly do they function? What is it they actually do? Why are they so important in the context of Search Engine Optimization? Find all the answers in this section.

Anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual web search engine
In this rare paper, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page explain the exact anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual web search engine and its main functions. This is a unique experience in understanding what makes Google function the way it does and how it got to be the number one search engine.

The robots.txt file
On certain occasions, a web site owner would rather exclude a particular page or section of his site and insure it was never linked to any other site on the Web, or even worse, indexed by a search engine. However, the robots.txt file can also exclude the whole site from its index too, if it isn't done correclty.

Keyword Marketing and all its secrets
Some people in business think they have what they feel is a successful web site. It�s large, has plenty of good, relevant content and was designed in a way to help most users visiting the site. It is also listed in most of the major search engines. But the question is, where are the visitors? Is it possible that, using a very specific keyword or key phrase they cannot find your site in most of the same search engines? Most likely, that is very often what we discover when we start making a survey for a particular client. Learn all the secrets of Keyword Marketing in this section.

Relevant keywords and keyphrases
Learn how to create a web site with relevant keywords and keyphrases (RKK) and maximize your SEO results. At Rank for $ales, we have been using RKK since we started and our clients are now reaping all the benefits.

Writing powerful key phrases
In this article, you will learn the proper techniques on how to write powerful key phrases for the search engines and the importance of good relevant text. But first, we need to know how to properly research these key phrases, ensuring they are the right ones. You cannot write efficient key phrases if you don't know what they are. Identification comes first. Action comes second.

The story behind Pagina+�
Available since June of 2001, Pagina+� is now recognized as the world's most powerful and revolutionary site positioning solution there is on the market today. Version 2.0 of Pagina+� is even more refined. Learn all the reasons why.

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SEO done with careful thinking
It used to be that for some people, when the subject of search engine optimization was discussed, there was a good chance that doorway pages, gateway pages or some general information pages probably came to their minds. Since about 1995 or 1996, these have been the main techniques used by some web marketers. If you even happen to be a search engine optimization (SEO) professional, you probably have some clients that still request these types of pages for the optimization of their web sites.

The successful optimization of dynamic web sites
The successful search engine optimization (SEO) of a dynamic web site requires complex search engine technology and methods that are substantially different and much more sophisticated than the SEO techniques used for ordinary, more conventional "static" web sites. In this section, we will explain how Rank for $ales successfully optimizes these dynamic web sites.

Content relevancy explained
Content relevancy is the search engine�s measure of how well a particular Web page accurately matches a searching question. Relevancy is important to understand if you want your web site to thrive in this Internet-connected economy.

Optimizing framed web sites
There are many that say a framed web site is next to impossible to optimize for the major search engines. Discover our own little secrets about framed web sites. There are actually a few ways to get around them. This section will show you how.

Spam and unwanted clutter in the engines
Spam causes major problems for search engines because it prevents them from accurately delivering the most relevant results to their audiences. Their ability to calculate relevancy is distorted by the spam. Learn what spam is all about and how to avoid your site from being banned or penalized from the engines.

Recent survey among top SEO analysts and marketing specialists
More and more top SEO analysts from all over the world recognize the importance of SEO and the multiple benefits it can provide any small, medium-size or large organization. Read this important market survey here.

How to write a powerful homepage that will rank high
In the field of search engine optimization (SEO), writing a strong homepage that will rank high in the engines and will read well with your site visitors can sometimes present a challenge, even to some seasoned SEO professionals. In this article, we will show you the right way of doing it.

How to use link popularity to your best advantage
If you want your web site to be placed highly in the SERP�s (Search Engine Results Pages), you need to understand how link popularity works and how to make the best use of it on your web site. In this article, we will explain the ins and outs of link popularity and the results that can be achieved if used correctly.

Ranking for $ales
If you have done just about everything we recommend on this web site and you still aren't happy to be number five or six in Google or number ten in Yahoo!, then this section could help you attain your goals.

SEO Tips and Techniques used by the Pros
Did you know that, after investing thousands, sometimes hundred of thousands of dollars developing a Web site, businesses often discover that the site is invisible in the major search engines. Find out why and avoid the pitfalls.

SEO Industry News
Stay updated on the fast changing world of SEO. Learn what's in, what's out. Who's in and who's out. Read the latest news of the SEO industry as they happen. Our SEO industry news section is updated several times a week. SEO news from around the world.

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Legal disclaimer

Privacy agreement

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