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Search Engine Marketing Articles

This section is devoted specifically to search engine marketing, as opposed to search engine optimization and placement. If search engine marketing is what keeps you up at night, these articles should help you find your way and signicantly improve your search engine marketing (SEM) skills.

These article series are for beginners, intermediate-level, as well as seasoned SEM experts. Simply click on the article of your choice to read it in full.

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What you need to know about Pay for Placement
In the never-ending race to online supremacy, if you wish to outbid some of your competitors in obtaining higher keyword positions, you should have a good look at Pay for Placement (PFP) ad programs. In contrast with other online marketing programs, PFP is more like an ongoing auction, where your competing advertisers, not the search engines, fix the going keyword bid rate.

All you need to know about Fixed Placement Advertising
There are many advantages to using Fixed Placement Advertising in your paid online marketing campaigns. As one might expect, there are also a few drawbacks. But all in all, you should carefully evaluate fixed placement as a good source for additional traffic to your website. As you can probably tell from the name, the definition of fixed placement advertising can be summed up as a text link that is locked into a specific position, among other paid listings on the search results page.

Converting visitors into buyers with compelling landing pages
When an Internet prospect searches for a specific product or service, he or she types in a keyword or a keyword phrase in a search engine. When that prospect sees your ad listing, he will click on it and visit your website for more information. Will they buy from you at this point? Maybe not yet, but they have certainly done the first step right.

Eight ways to target better sales in your SEM campaigns
In traditional print advertising or similar ad vehicles, companies pay for the number of people who are supposed to see the ad, or at least that is what is supposed to happen. With search engine marketing, companies participating in a PPC (Pay per Click) program such as Google�s AdWords or Overture, these companies are actually paying the search engines each time people click on their ads. This article offers some good tips on how to target better sales in your SEM campaigns.

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Choosing the right keywords for maximum ROI
Today, for a company or ad agency to be truly successful in search engine marketing (SEM), choosing the right keywords that people are actually typing into Overture or the other search engines can mean the difference between a very rewarding online ad campaign, or one that fails miserably. However, it is fortunate that selecting the right keywords that will drive targeted and qualified sales leads to your website is a fairly simple exercise.

A powerful structure to Search Engine Marketing
In today�s extremely competitive markets, sometimes search engine marketers try to �cut corners�, in an effort to save time and a bit of money. This is perfectly understandable, given the conditions they sometimes have to face, such as tight deadlines, limited budgets and overall difficult market conditions. However, neglecting to build a strong search engine marketing structure can seriously hinder any online ad campaign.

All you need to know about Web Analytics
You have invested considerable time, money and resources in building what you consider to be a great website. You might even be participating in a Pay per Click (PPC) ad campaign to help it launch in less time and drive sales faster. Or maybe you took the great decision of having your site organically optimized for the search engines. Or perhaps you participate in one or two paid inclusion search engines. No matter how you look at it, you are waiting for results to happen sooner rather than later. If you see yourself in this, you aren't alone.

How to lower your client acquisition cost
The whole purpose of search engine marketing is to attract new prospects and buying customers. In certain cases however, your sales could become limited, for the simple reason that not everybody is seeking the products or services your company offers. Across the World Wide Web, if there are only 6,000 searches a month for the keywords �industrial pump rebuilding�, it will be hard for you to make more people search for that keyword phrase when WordTracker tells us there has been only 6,000 searches for those three keywords in any given month or period.

Accurately calculating ROI in an online ad campaign
Today more than ever, the need to significantly increase your ROI (Return on Investment) in your online marketing campaigns is imperative to the overall success of your company. In order to avoid loosing valuable market share to your competition and to continually increase your brand recognition or brand awareness, boosting your ROI can have short as well as long-term beneficial effects on your overall sales, market segmentation and penetration.

Bid Management Tools and how they can help you
If you participate in a PFP (Pay for Placement) ad program such as offered by Overture or a few other companies, Bid Management Tools (BMT) can simplify your life quite a bit, while at the same time, they might help increase your ROI. Bid management tools can automatically adjust advertiser�s bids and their positions on PFP search engines and can sometimes spell the difference between an advertising campaign that fails and one that will be a true success. But before I delve into the finer details, let�s first see what BMT�s are and how they work.

Just what exactly are Trusted Feed programs?
With today's many PPC (Pay per Click), PFP (Pay for Placement) and PFI (Paid for Inclusion) programs from so many vendors, it's no surprise that some people can be confused. While organic SEO (search engine optimization) search results (the ones you see at the left of Google's screen) are considered the best and usually constitute the highest ROI, for companies that just launched a new site and that need sales fast, these various 'paid' programs can make a difference in their search engine marketing campaigns.

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