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January 14, 2008

Rank for $ales is a Professional SEO Provider, in business since 1997. Our offices are located in beautiful Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Rank for $ales provides professional search engine optimization (SEO) services to small and medium size businesses, as well as Fortune 500 corporations and all levels of government.

The field of SEO Providers is littered with companies that either lack the proper background, training, experience or the necessary professional tools to effectively perform search engine positioning and marketing services for today's competitive corporate world.

On many occasions, these same companies cannot deliver the quality and breadth of effective SEO services as required by industry standards, both in Canada and the US.

Rank for $ales is owned and operated by Serge Thibodeau, an SEO professional performing quality and in-depth SEO services for business, industry and government.

Additionally, Serge Thibodeau has been largely involved as the project leader in the development of Pagina+�, a powerful and flexible search engine optimization platform that truly delivers in-depth optimization, learn, along with a substantial increase in the correct identification of the exact keywords and keyphrases necessary in performing the highest quality SEO.

Pagina+� is offered by Rank for $ales's parent company: GCIS. Please click here to visit Serge Thibodeau's personal blog.

Furthermore, in May of 2003, Rank for $ales and GCIS successfully completed the development and deployment of Global Business Listing, a unique and very powerful search engine that combines the search relevance and quality of Google, the flexibility of AltaVista and the search experience of Yahoo!. Global Business Listing is a search engine that also lets its users search by industry, as well as with the traditional search box.

For additional questions or comments on our corporate structure, portfolio of quality SEO services or any other subject, please email our head offices at:

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Get your business or company listed in the Global Business Listing directory and increase your business. It takes less then 24 hours to get a premium listing in the most powerful business search engine there is. Click here to find out all about it.

Rank for $ales strongly recommends the use of WordTracker to effectively identify all your right industry keywords. Accurate identification of the right keywords and key phrases used in your industry is the first basic step in any serious search engine optimization program. The keywords you think are the best may be totally different than the ones recommended by WordTracker. Click here to start your keyword and key phrase research.

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