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How to use Wordtracker creatively

July 17, 2010        (Updated from my previous article written in March 2003)

One of the most powerful tool you can use in the search engine optimization process of any website today is Wordtracker, yet it's also one of the most misunderstood. The only way to carefully research your keywords and to avoid optimizing your site for the wrong search terms is to make a complete analysis of your most common search terms used in your industry, with the help of Wordtracker.

Used by reputable SEO firms and marketing professionals alike, Wordtracker is the most popular and most efficient keyword research resource there is. Founded by Brent Winters, president, Wordtracker holds almost 350 million queries within its huge database. Additionally, those queries are never any older than sixty days, since Wordtracker regularly refreshes its database, adding to the precision and timeliness of your keyword research.

Drive yourself beyond the "K & KP syndrome"
Since I've been using Wordtracker for so long, I think it's actually possible to develop a "sixth sense", sort to speak... Also, one of the traps some people with less experience will fall easily into is to let Wordtracker do all the "guessing" for them. As versatile and flexible as it is, it can never replace a human being. My best advice here is to 'think like a searcher'. If you would be looking for the products or services your website has to offer, what would YOU type into the search box?

Drive yourself beyond the K & KP (Keyword & Key Phrase) syndrome. Think like a searcher, and with the use of Wordtracker, you can come up with some powerful keywords that maybe your competitors didn't even think of! This is what I call "thinking out of the box". The more creative you are, the more successful you will tend to be in the end.

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