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SEO Code of Ethics at Rank for Sales

Since its foundation in 1997, Rank for Sales has always been proud of having one of the best code of ethics in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry.

Today, the marketplace is filled with some unscrupulous people from all walks of life that will make you promises they will never be able to deliver. In this industry, there are many unethical practices that can seriously penalize or even permanently ban your website if you aren't careful of the reputation of the people you do business with.

A strong code of ethics
Rank for Sales fully supports the efforts of modern, but at the same time "conservative" search engine marketing companies and organizations, in building an industry-wide SEO code of ethics that is consistent and for the long-term.

All of Rank for Sale's employees, including its president, strongly adhere to the following SEO code of ethics:

1) We will NOT use any cloaking techniques, doorway or gateway pages, or supply any kind of wrong or altered information or data to any search engine.

2) We will NOT misrepresent the SEO services of any of our competitors, or the ranking results any competitor could produce for their own clients.

3) We will NOT misrepresent our industry, any of the search engines or the efforts it necessitates to attain top-ranking results for any of our clients.

4) We will NOT use any form of automated optimization tools at any point in time. All optimization techniques and processes at Rank for Sales shall always be done manually, and fully executed by our senior SEO's.

5) We will NOT use automated submission tools of any kind. All our search engine submissions and processes will be done exclusively on a manual basis and at all times.

6) Rank for Sales will never charge fees to its clients for SEO services not rendered, or services that are of no value to our clients.

7) Rank for Sales will never intentionally violate any copyright laws nor will we knowingly infringe on any trademark or brand name.

8) Rank for Sales will NOT accept new clients in competition with any of its current client's optimization contracts, if they happen to fall in the same industry category, or if we feel the two companies are in direct competition with each other. An exception to this would be two clients that operate mainly local businesses and are situated in two very distinct and remote parts of the same country, and if those two similar businesses don't compete with each other. This even extends as far as the keywords or keyword phrases that their individual SEO contracts are specifically targeting, and during the whole length of the SEO contract. The keywords or key phrases covered by exclusivity must be agreed upon with Rank for Sales before we begin any SEO work, and must be chosen in advantage of the site we are about to optimize.

9) None of our representatives or salespeople will present unreasonable claims to clients or their inquiries, nor will they make promises that cannot be delivered. This covers present and future search rankings or positioning in any search engine.

10) We will NEVER guarantee, either verbally or in writing first-page or first position results for any of our clients. It is impossible for any SEO firm to guarantee first-page positioning for the simple reason that no SEO firm controls the search engines, and because search engines constantly change and modify their search algorithms.

11) Rank for Sales will protect the privacy of all our clients and at all times. Any email or contact information will not be shared with any third party without our client's written permission.

12) Without exception, all Rank for Sales clients are all treated equally and fairly at all times. We will NOT treat anybody differently. All clients will be dealt with in the same fashion, independently of their size, their geographic location or their industry.

13) We will always cooperate fully and in the most professional manner, to the best of our abilities with any of our client's programmers, webmasters, content suppliers, writers, graphic artists or in-house developers.

14) Rank for Sales will always make the best efforts at all times in providing the best quality, the most relevant search engine placements and the highest standards of SEO maintenance contracts on the Web.

15) All Rank for Sales representatives and salespeople will always make the best efforts in providing the most complete and in-depth reliable information to all inquiries or requests for information's (RFI's) it gets.

Should you have any questions, enquiries or comments about this SEO code of ethics, please contact us today. Your complete trust in our professional services is important to us, and will help build a better industry, for today and many more years to come.

Serge Thibodeau,
President and CEO,
Rank for Sales.

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